Antharagange Hills – Trek! Trek! Trek!

The best of the journeys are the ones that are least planned.
Being the daughter of an Army man, I was always pushed into sports, athletics, and anything to do with outdoors. It took me some time to get accustomed to that lifestyle as I never envisioned myself as someone who would spend hours on field sweating. I will highly recommend you all to indulge in some sort of physical activity involving outdoors as they are beneficial in many ways to both phyical and emotional well being. Though my sports phase was short lived and I stopped my journey soon after college, I learnt many valuable life lessons which I appreciate and will cherish forever.
So enough about me, this post is about the time we went for a completely unplanned trek trip and ended up having a ton of fun. (Followed by some excruciating pain, little bit of regret for not planning it and a whole lot of a good time)

Place: Antharagange Hills/Caves
Distance from Bangalore: 75 Kms
*Carry some energy rich food & water
*Take a backpack along
*Wear the right shoes and clothes for trekking
*Try to visit early to witness the sunrise
Total time: 4-5 Hours

The trek is uphill, so if this is your first time trekking you may find it slightly tough and challenging, whereas for experienced trekkers this might seem easy. The top is quite flat, you could take a snack break & go down to the temple the same way.
Now the caving is not for everyone, be sure you have a guide, you will be squeezing through some narrow crevices, sliding down boulders, crawling through gaps, all very thrilling but for those who are agile.

Overall, an adventurous and exciting trek and not very intimidating for the first timers. I will recommend it if you are planning something fun for the weekend.
Do let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. You can scroll through some of the photos from my trek below. 🙂



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