Krazy Khaotic Kolkata

Being India’s third largest city, this place is certainly huge, disorganised and chaotic. Bustling with people, you will be left amazed how this city functions but yes, it manages to function.

Kolkata is called ‘The City of Joy’ for a reason. Along with having a wonderful array of Bengali food and Indian street food to enjoy, Kolkata offers quite a few interesting attractions, incredible religious temples, and some good shopping.

Be it strolling through the disorderly Burra Bazar or submerged in the tranquillity of Victoria Memorial. This place will leave you stunned. You will find yourself transported through different eras, the old world charm that transmits through those trams to the European architecture. Those beautiful iconic yellow taxis and the delish misti doi.The majestic Howrah bridge and the crazy mess those roads are.

Someone once told me Kolkata is not a place, it’s an emotion. And after my visit, I can say I couldn’t agree more.


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