Visiting The Temples Of Hampi

Known as the ‘city of ruins’, Hampi is a small village in the northern part of Karnataka and is  a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Hampi extends over 4000 square kilometers, dotted around the hills and valleys are 500 plus monuments.


“The Other Side”

Am not sure  if it’s just me or my fellow travelers have also felt the same, but the other side of Tungabhadra River, is completely different from the village Hampi. It has a cool boho feel to it. And best way to travel to the other side is the “coracle ride”. It’s a small, cute “bowl shaped” boat. And it’s super fun.


Also, the variety of food is amazing. Catering to an international crowd, even small eating joints offer English, Israeli, Italian, Chinese and other cuisines apart from Indian.(And yes, alcohol as well. Of course)

Trek To Hanuman Temple

View From half Way Through Our Trek

This was one exhausting and fun trek. The temple is over 500 step climb and is said to be the birth place of Lord Hanuman.

I Could See The City
My Favorite View

It is also referred as “the sunset point”. I will most certainly recommend this one as the view from top is absolutely breathtaking.

My Other Favorite Stops

Virupaksha Temple



Vithala Temple

The Chariot

(The Chariot)

En Route


River Bank 



Tungabhadra Dam

It is 25Kms drive from Hampi but worth a stop. This majestic damn had me mesmerized.


Helpful Tips for Visiting Hampi – UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • There’s a lot of walking and trekking involved so chose your gear accordingly.
  • Best way to travel around would be to rent a bike. As the local rickshaws will charge you a lot of money.
  • It is quite hot and humid so avoid visiting in summers. The best time to visit would be October-March.
  • It is a two day trip, anything more than that will be quite monotonous as some of the other ruins around the city are not worth a visit.




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